Dual Pack CyvenSmart 10ft MFi Certified iPhone Chargers – Swift Charging for Various iPhone Models

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Discover unrivalled convenience with our pack of two, MFi Certified CyvenSmart 10ft iPhone chargers. Specially designed for an array of iPhone models, these chargers deliver lightning-fast power replenishment, ensuring your device is always ready to perform.
Crafted for longevity, these CyvenSmart iPhone chargers guarantee durability with their 10ft length providing the flexibility for you to move around freely whilst your device charges. Each charger in this two-pack set is MFi Certified, meaning they have met Apple’s strict standards for quality, safety, and performance. These fast-charging cords are specifically suited for iPhone models ranging from the iPhone 6 Plus to the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Investing in these chargers means having the assurance of a consistent and rapid charging process for your iPhone. Whether you’re relaxing at home, working in an office, or travelling, these 10ft chargers are the perfect companion for your iPhone, ensuring you always have the power when you need it the most. Say goodbye to the restrictions of short cables and embrace the convenience and reliability of CyvenSmart 10ft iPhone chargers.

Q: Are these chargers compatible with all iPhone models?
A: These CyvenSmart chargers are designed for a wide range of iPhones from the iPhone 6 Plus to the most recent iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Q: How long are these charging cables?
A: Each cable in this pack is 10 feet (approximately 3 metres) long, providing ample length for comfortable use.

Q: How many chargers are included in the pack?
A: This package includes two CyvenSmart 10ft iPhone chargers.

Q: What does ‘MFi Certified’ mean?
A: ‘MFi Certified’ indicates that Apple has officially recognised these chargers as meeting their performance and safety standards.

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