Dual Monitor Stand: Vertical Free-Standing Riser for Two 13-34 Inch Screens

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Explore a robust solution for multi-screen setups. With a capability to hold two screens ranging from 13 to 34 inches and an added feature to adjust for swivel, tilt, and height. Moreover, it’s designed to support a single screen weighing up to 44Lbs.
Dual screens have become an essential aspect of productive work environments. From designers needing more screen space to professionals wanting seamless multitasking, the need for effective monitor stands has grown. This Dual Monitor Stand provides not only the strength to hold screens but also offers ergonomic benefits. Users can adjust the tilt, swivel, and height, ensuring optimal viewing angles and reduced strain. It’s not just about holding screens, but enhancing your workspace’s comfort and efficiency.

Q: What size screens does this stand support?
A: The stand can accommodate two screens, each ranging from 13 to 34 inches.

Q: Is there any weight limit for the screens?
A: Yes, while it can hold two screens, if you’re using just one screen, it should not exceed 44Lbs.

Q: Can I adjust the viewing angle of my screens?
A: Absolutely. The stand allows for swivel, tilt, and height adjustments to suit individual preferences.

Q: Does the stand require any complex assembly?
A: The design aims for user-friendliness, but always refer to the provided manual for detailed assembly instructions.

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