Corsair HS80 RGB: Premium Gaming Headset | Dolby Atmos Audio | PS5/PS4 Compatible | Black

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Discover the Corsair HS80 RGB – a premium gaming headset that enhances your playing experience. With Dolby Atmos audio quality, PS5 and PS4 compatibility, and a wireless range that exceeds expectations, it’s the ideal partner for gamers seeking exceptional audio immersion.

The Corsair HS80 RGB takes gaming headsets to the next level. Here’s what makes it stand out:
Dolby Atmos Audio: Be enveloped by sound. This technology provides a richer and more layered audio experience, placing you right in the middle of the action.
Wireless Freedom: With an impressive 60ft range, roam freely without any drop in audio quality.
Low-Latency Omni-Directional Microphone: Communicate clearly. With this feature, your teammates will hear you with crystal clarity, making team strategies more effective.
Extended Battery Life: Forget frequent recharges. With a battery that lasts and lasts, your gameplay sessions won’t be interrupted.
PS5/PS4 Compatibility: Designed with console gamers in mind, it seamlessly integrates with both the PS5 and PS4, ensuring effortless connectivity.
Sleek Black Finish: Not just about performance, its elegant black finish complements any gaming setup.

The HS80 RGB isn’t just a headset; it’s an experience.

**Q**: Does the Corsair HS80 RGB come in any other colours?
**A**: For now, it’s available in a sleek black finish which adds a touch of class to any gaming setup.

Q: How does Dolby Atmos differ from regular audio?
A: Dolby Atmos provides a multi-dimensional sound experience, creating an audio environment where sound moves freely around the listener. It’s not just about hearing sound, but feeling it.

Q: Can I use the headset with other consoles or just PS5 and PS4?
A: While it’s specifically designed for seamless integration with PS5 and PS4, it may work with other consoles, though compatibility isn’t guaranteed.

Q: What’s the charging time for the battery?
A: To achieve its extended battery life, it’s recommended to charge it fully before the first use. Exact charging times might vary, but rest assured it’s designed for extended play sessions.

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