Canon PG-260 XL / CL-261 XL Value Pack – TR7020, TS6420, TS5320 Printer Compatible

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Unveil the potential of your Canon TR7020, TS6420, and TS5320 printers with the PG-260 XL / CL-261 XL Value Pack. This set is meticulously tailored for those specific printer models, ensuring remarkable printing performance.

The Canon PG-260 XL / CL-261 XL Value Pack comprises high-quality ink cartridges designed to maximise your printer’s output. Catering specifically to TR7020, TS6420, and TS5320 models, it fosters superior precision and vibrant colours.

The inclusion of both black and colour cartridges ensures a comprehensive solution for your printing requirements. Whether it’s text documents or colourful images, these cartridges handle it with expertise.

The PG-260 XL and CL-261 XL offer more value with their XL size. This implies more ink for more prints, contributing to efficiency and reducing cartridge changes. It’s a valuable feature for those needing frequent or high-volume printing.

Note, the PG-260 XL / CL-261 XL Value Pack mentioned corresponds to product number 3706C005.

Q: Can I use the PG-260 XL / CL-261 XL Value Pack with other Canon printer models?
A: The PG-260 XL / CL-261 XL Value Pack is particularly compatible with TR7020, TS6420, and TS5320 Canon printers. Using it with other models may not deliver the desired performance.

Q: Does the XL in the cartridge names indicate a different size?
A: The ‘XL’ denotes that these cartridges have a larger ink capacity than their standard counterparts. It doesn’t refer to the physical size of the cartridges.

Q: Is the product number for the Canon PG-260 XL / CL-261 XL Value Pack 3706C005?
A: Yes, that’s correct. The product number for this Value Pack is indeed 3706C005.

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