Canon CLI-42 8 PK Pack: Ink Compatible with PIXMA PRO-100

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Discover the Canon CLI-42 8 PK, an ink pack offering value and compatibility for PIXMA PRO-100 printers. This top-tier printer accessory ensures your print tasks are always of the highest quality.
When it comes to maintaining high-standard printing results, choosing the right accessories is paramount. The Canon CLI-42 8 PK is a value pack offering exceptional quality ink for your PIXMA PRO-100 printer.

Boasting of eight distinct colour cartridges, this pack is perfect for photo printing or any task demanding vibrant, true-to-life colours. The pack includes Photo Black, Matte Black, Gray, Light Gray, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Photo Cyan. Each cartridge is crafted to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring every printout is stunningly sharp and vibrant.

Not only does the Canon CLI-42 8 PK provide vibrant colours, but it’s also a great value pack. You save significantly by buying in bulk, compared to purchasing individual cartridges. Plus, being an official Canon product, you can be confident of its quality and compatibility with the PIXMA PRO-100 printer.

Replacing cartridges is also a breeze with the Canon CLI-42 8 PK. Each cartridge is designed for easy insertion, ensuring you can swap them out with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.

Q: Does the Canon CLI-42 8 PK work with other printer models?
A: This ink pack is specifically designed for the PIXMA PRO-100. Its compatibility with other models isn’t guaranteed.

Q: How many pages can one ink cartridge print?
A: The number of pages each cartridge can print varies depending on the print settings and paper type. However, Canon cartridges are known for their impressive page yield.

Q: What colours are included in the Canon CLI-42 8 PK?
A: The pack includes Photo Black, Matte Black, Gray, Light Gray, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Photo Cyan.

Q: Is it difficult to change the ink cartridges?
A: No, Canon designs its cartridges for easy insertion, ensuring users can replace them without any trouble.

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