Canon CL-241 Colour Ink Cartridge: Compatible with Wide Range of Printers

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Discover the versatility of the Canon CL-241 colour ink cartridge. This product shows full compatibility with an array of Canon printers, such as MG2120, MG3120, MG4120, MG2220, MG3220, MG4220, MG3520, MG3620, MX472, MX532, and TS5120. Its design promises to deliver vibrant prints and ensure optimal printer performance.
The Canon CL-241 colour ink cartridge is designed to offer impressive colour clarity and longevity. Ideal for any printing task, it works in harmony with specific Canon printers to deliver superior print quality. This cartridge boasts a high yield capacity, ensuring you get the most out of your printer, whether you’re printing photos, documents or projects.

Compatible printers for the CL-241 cartridge cover a wide range of Canon’s MG and MX series, along with the TS5120. These include, but are not limited to, the MG2120, MG3120, MG4120, MG2220, MG3220, MG4220, MG3520, MG3620, MX472, and MX532. The compatibility ensures optimal performance and a seamless printing experience.

Q: Can I use the CL-241 ink cartridge with my Canon MG2220 printer?
A: Yes, the Canon CL-241 colour ink cartridge is compatible with the Canon MG2220, among other printer models.

Q: How is the print quality of the CL-241 ink cartridge?
A: The CL-241 cartridge is designed to deliver vibrant and long-lasting prints, making it an excellent choice for a range of printing tasks.

Q: Does the CL-241 cartridge work with the Canon MX532 printer?
A: Yes, the CL-241 is fully compatible with the Canon MX532, as well as numerous other printer models in the MG, MX, and TS series.

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