Atolla 7-Port USB Hub 3.0 with Smart Charging Port & Individual Switches: USB Extension for Various Devices

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Looking to extend your USB capabilities? The Atolla 7-Port USB Hub 3.0 offers a perfect solution. With seven ports, a smart charging port, and individual on/off switches, it provides an essential addition for devices like MacBook, Mac Pro/Mini and more. A power adapter of 5V/4A ensures enough energy for multiple connections.
The Atolla 7-Port USB Hub 3.0 is a versatile tool that can bring convenience and efficiency into your daily tech usage. Featuring seven data ports, a smart charging port, and individual switches, this USB hub fits a range of needs. Whether your looking to connect your MacBook, Mac Pro/Mini, or other devices, this hub’s got you covered. Its 5V/4A power adapter ensures that all connections have the energy they need. Plus, the sleek design and reliable construction means it fits seamlessly with your other accessories.

Q: What devices are compatible with the Atolla 7-Port USB Hub 3.0?
A: Devices like MacBook, Mac Pro/Mini, and more are compatible with this hub.

Q: Does it come with a power adapter?
A: Yes, it includes a 5V/4A power adapter.

Q: Can I charge my phone using the smart charging port?
A: Absolutely, the smart charging port allows you to charge your phone and other devices.

Q: How many individual on/off switches does it have?
A: There’s an individual on/off switch for each of the seven data ports.

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