Apple MFi Certified iPhone Charger: 6Pack in Various Lengths, Fast Charging, High-Speed Data Sync, Compatible with iPhone Models & iPad AirPods

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Revolutionise the way you keep your devices powered up. Get ready to discover the ultimate iPhone charger. This Apple MFi Certified iPhone charger set comes in a handy 6Pack with varied lengths to suit any charging scenario. Experience lightning-fast charging and high-speed data sync, all in one cable that’s compatible with a vast range of iPhone models, as well as the iPad AirPods.
Our Apple MFi Certified iPhone charger is not just another cable. It’s a comprehensive charging solution meticulously designed to offer top-notch convenience and efficiency.

This package includes a 6Pack of charging cables in different lengths: three, six, and ten feet, offering flexibility whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go. Need to quickly power up your device? This charger offers swift charging without sacrificing the life of your battery.

Data transfer is equally efficient, ensuring your files move at high speeds without compromising on security. The cable is universally compatible with multiple iPhone models, including the recent iPhone 14, 13, and 12, among others. Additionally, it’s a perfect match for your iPad AirPods.

Invest in a charging solution that is certified, reliable, and universally compatible. Experience the difference with our Apple MFi Certified iPhone charger.

Q: What lengths do the cables in the 6Pack come in?
A: The pack includes cables in three different lengths: 3, 6, and 10 feet.

Q: Is the charger compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro Max?
A: Yes, the charger is compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, along with a range of other iPhone models.

Q: Can the charger be used for data transfer?
A: Absolutely, the charger supports high-speed data sync, making file transfer quick and efficient.

Q: Is the charger compatible with iPad AirPods?
A: Yes, the charger is fully compatible with iPad AirPods, offering both charging and data sync capabilities.

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