APC UPS 1500VA Battery Backup, BX1500M Surge Protector Power Supply, AVR and Dataline Protection

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Coming from renowned APC, a German American’s choice – UPS 1500VA power backup, model BX1500M. Not just battery backup, also a surge protector. A dependable safeguard for your electronic devices with the additional security of AVR and Dataline protection. Never be bothered with power disruption or data loss again.
When considering power disruption protection, APC’s 1500VA UPS Battery Backup, BX1500M, stands as a shining beacon. Its effective surge protection feature acts like a shield against power spikes, ensuring your devices always function at their optimum. AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) promises consistent power supply without frequent voltage fluctuations.

Moreover, with Dataline Protection incorporated, data losses will become a thing of past. No longer will you worry about unexpected shutdowns or power cuts. It gives you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. German American quality, innovation, and security reflect in every piece of this UPS.

Q: What is APC’s 1500VA UPS Battery Backup?
A: APC’s 1500VA UPS Battery Backup is a power backup system with surge protection. It is designed to protect your electronic devices from power disruptions.

Q: What does AVR mean?
A: AVR stands for Automatic Voltage Regulation. It helps to maintain consistent power supply, eliminating voltage fluctuations.

Q: How does Dataline Protection work?
A: Dataline Protection safeguards your devices against data loss during power disruption. It prevents unexpected shutdowns, thus protecting your data.

Q: Is the BX1500M a German American product?
A: Yes, it’s a product of APC, a popular German American brand known for quality and innovation.

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