APC 1500VA Smart UPS SMC1500C Sinewave Battery Backup, AVR 120V Uninterruptible Power

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Experience uninterrupted power supply with APC’s 1500VA Smart UPS. The SMC1500C Sinewave model includes SmartConnect technology and AVR 120V line-interactive design, providing a reliable source of power for essential devices and systems.
The APC 1500VA Smart UPS is equipped with SmartConnect SMC1500C Sinewave technology, ensuring a seamless power connection. It is supported by AVR 120V, a line-interactive feature, to handle fluctuations and protect sensitive equipment.

The device offers battery backup to keep crucial systems running during power failures. Its compact design, easy-to-read display, and user-friendly interface make it suitable for home and office use.

Key Features:

1500VA Load Capacity: Sufficient for most home and small business needs.
SmartConnect Technology: Remote monitoring and management capabilities.
Sinewave Output: Pure sinewave output for compatibility with sensitive devices.
AVR 120V Line Interactive: Automatic Voltage Regulation for stable power.
Easy Installation: Quick setup process with clear instructions.

Investing in the APC 1500VA Smart UPS can be a wise decision to protect valuable equipment and maintain continuity in essential operations.

Q: What is the load capacity of this UPS?
A: It has a 1500VA load capacity, suitable for most home and small business needs.

Q: Does the SMC1500C Sinewave model offer remote monitoring?
A: Yes, it comes with SmartConnect technology that enables remote monitoring and management.

Q: Is this UPS compatible with sensitive devices?
A: Absolutely. It delivers a pure sinewave output, making it compatible with sensitive devices.

Q: How does the AVR 120V line-interactive feature work?
A: The AVR 120V helps to stabilise the voltage, automatically correcting fluctuations to provide a steady power supply.

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