APC 1500VA Smart UPS SMC1500C Sinewave Battery Backup, AVR 120V Uninterruptible Power

Experience uninterrupted power supply with APC’s 1500VA Smart UPS. The SMC1500C Sinewave model includes SmartConnect technology and AVR 120V line-interactive design, providing a reliable source of power for essential devices and systems.
The APC 1500VA Smart UPS is equipped with SmartConnect SMC1500C Sinewave technology, ensuring a seamless power connection. It is supported by AVR 120V, a line-interactive feature, to handle fluctuations and protect sensitive equipment.

The device offers battery backup to keep crucial systems running during power failures. Its compact design, easy-to-read display, and user-friendly interface make it suitable for home and office use.

Key Features:

1500VA Load Capacity: Sufficient for most home and small business needs.
SmartConnect Technology: Remote monitoring and management capabilities.
Sinewave Output: Pure sinewave output for compatibility with sensitive devices.
AVR 120V Line Interactive: Automatic Voltage Regulation for stable power.
Easy Installation: Quick setup process with clear instructions.

Investing in the APC 1500VA Smart UPS can be a wise decision to protect valuable equipment and maintain continuity in essential operations.

Q: What is the load capacity of this UPS?
A: It has a 1500VA load capacity, suitable for most home and small business needs.

Q: Does the SMC1500C Sinewave model offer remote monitoring?
A: Yes, it comes with SmartConnect technology that enables remote monitoring and management.

Q: Is this UPS compatible with sensitive devices?
A: Absolutely. It delivers a pure sinewave output, making it compatible with sensitive devices.

Q: How does the AVR 120V line-interactive feature work?
A: The AVR 120V helps to stabilise the voltage, automatically correcting fluctuations to provide a steady power supply.

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