Anker 333 USB C-C Cable (6ft, 100W, 2-Pack) Swift Energy Transfer for MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Air 4, Galaxy S23+/Ultra & Beyond – Black

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Delve into the universe of speedy power supply with the Anker 333 USB C to USB C cable. Facilitating brisk energy infusion for top-of-the-range devices like MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iPad Air 4, Samsung Galaxy S23+/S23 Ultra/S22 Ultra, and more, this pair of 6ft, 100W black cables offers impressive efficiency.
Equipped with USB 2.0 Type C, this Anker 333 pack paves the way for swift charging and seamless data transfer. Designed for today’s devices and beyond, these cables provide a robust connection between your top-of-the-line gadgets and their power source, enabling them to function at their peak potential.

Emphasising on speed and efficiency, these 100W cables guarantee quick power boosts for your devices. You’ll notice your MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iPad Air 4, Samsung Galaxy S23+/S23 Ultra/S22 Ultra, and other compatible devices re-energise swiftly, ready for use at a moment’s notice.

This 2-pack of 6ft cables provides ample length, giving you the freedom to charge your devices while keeping them within easy reach. Their sleek black design not only complements your gadgets but also adds a dash of elegance to your tech gear.

In terms of compatibility, these cables can handle a wide range of devices, from the MacBook Pro to Samsung Galaxy S23+/Ultra, and much more. They not only serve as a lifeline for your gadgets but also provide an effective solution for charging multiple devices at once.

Q: Can this cable handle data transfer as well as charging?
A: Indeed, the Anker 333 USB C-C Cable offers both rapid charging and data transfer.

Q: Is it compatible with the latest Samsung Galaxy models?
A: Yes, this cable is perfectly compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S23+/Ultra and many more models.

Q: How many cables come in one package?
A: Each pack includes two 6ft cables.

Q: Do these cables offer quick charging?
A: Yes, the 100W capacity of these cables ensures swift and efficient charging for your devices.

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