Amazon Basics 128 GB microSDXC Memory Card: Full Size Adapter, A2 U3, High-Speed Reading

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Presenting, Amazon Basics 128 GB microSDXC Memory Card. Enriched with a full-size adapter, it carries A2 and U3 rating. Amazed by the high-speed reading capacity reaching 100 MB/s, enabling swift file transfers.
Unleashing the remarkable Amazon Basics microSDXC Memory Card! It’s not a standard memory card, it comes replete with 128 GB storage capacity. Outstanding, right? High-speed reading up to 100 MB/s enables quick data transfer. All photos, music, and files shifted rapidly!

But there’s more to it than just speed. This microSDXC memory card carries A2 and U3 classification. A perfect fit for the devices requiring high-speed data writing. It caters to the speed necessities of both applications and videos. A fit for mobile devices and drones alike!

For a perfect companion to your memory card, a full-size adapter is also available. This feature amplifies its compatibility. With this adapter, you can use the card in any device supporting a standard SD slot. It’s a perfect blend of size, versatility, and speed.

In terms of quality, it’s an Amazon Basics product. Rest assured for the highest quality and reliability. A trusted name in the market, standing for its commitment to customers.

Does this card come with an adapter?
Yes, this Amazon Basics microSDXC Memory Card includes a full-size adapter.

Is it suitable for mobile devices and drones?
Indeed, it holds A2 and U3 rating making it compatible for high-speed data writing necessities of mobile devices and drones.

How much storage space does this card offer?
The card offers a large 128 GB storage capacity, perfect for storing numerous files, photos, and videos.

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