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Long cables can be a boon, especially when outlets are scarce. Enter the 10ft 2-Pack USB C to USB C cable – a charging solution that promises not only length but also speed. Crafted with a robust nylon finish, this cord aims to service a plethora of devices, making it an essential for the tech-savvy user.

The world of technology is diverse and ever-evolving. Amidst this landscape, ensuring your devices remain charged is paramount. The 10ft 2-Pack USB C to USB C cable is not a mere charging accessory, but a lifeline. Its impressive 60W PD (Power Delivery) ensures your devices get the juice they need swiftly.

Compatibility is often a concern with chargers. This cable assuages those concerns by being compatible with a vast array of devices. From the Samsung Galaxy S23, S22, S21 series to the Pixel 7, 6 Pro and their predecessors, this cord has got you covered. Not to mention its compatibility with the Note 20 Ultra, S20 FE, A80 5G and many more.

The Nylon Build adds an extra layer of durability. It’s not just about the length, but also the strength. Nylon ensures your cord remains tangle-free and resistant to wear and tear.

Why choose this cable?

Length and Convenience: No more hovering near the outlet. The 10ft length provides mobility.
Fast Charging: 60W PD ensures quick charging without compromising on safety.
Wide Compatibility: From the latest Galaxy to the Pixel, this cable caters to a diverse range.
Durable Design: Nylon isn’t just sleek; it’s tough. Expect longevity from this cable.

For anyone looking to invest in a reliable, long, and fast-charging cable, this product might just be the answer.

Q: Does this USB C to USB C cable support data transfer?
A: The primary focus of this cable is fast charging. For data transfer capabilities, one would need to check the product specifications.

Q: Can I use it with my MacBook Pro?
A: If your MacBook Pro has a USB C port and supports PD charging, then this cable should be compatible.

Q: How does the nylon build enhance the cable’s durability?
A: Nylon is known for its resistance to wear and tear. It also prevents tangling, ensuring the cable’s longevity.

Q: Is there a warranty with the cable?
A: Warranty details would be provided by the manufacturer or seller. It’s best to check with them directly.

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