Delve into an impeccable viewing experience with the 150 inch Outdoor Projection Screen. Tailored for avid cinema enthusiasts, it boasts a foldable, anti-crease design that’s washable to boot. Be it for your cosy home theatre or a sprawling outdoor setting, its double-sided projection capacity guarantees riveting visuals.

The essence of a memorable cinematic moment isn’t just the movie itself but also the quality of the screen it’s projected on. With a 16:9 aspect ratio, the Outdoor Projection Screen is fashioned for optimal viewing. Its foldability ensures you’re never hindered by space constraints. The anti-crease technology embedded ensures that unsightly wrinkles don’t disrupt your experience. Plus, the washability factor means maintenance is a breeze, making it ideal for repeated use.

A standout feature is its dual-sided projection capability. Whether you’re setting up indoors for a family movie night or taking your viewing extravaganza outdoors under the stars, this screen stands ready to serve. It effortlessly merges durability with aesthetics, promising a lasting and visually appealing experience for all.

Q: Can this projection screen be used in both indoor and outdoor settings?
A: Absolutely! Its design caters to both home theatres and outdoor environments.

Q: How does the dual-sided projection work?
A: You can project visuals on either side of the screen without compromising on quality.

Q: Being foldable, won’t it have creases?
A: The screen incorporates anti-crease technology, ensuring a smooth viewing surface every time.

Q: Is it challenging to clean and maintain?
A: Not at all. The screen is washable, making maintenance straightforward.

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